Maladah Gambia foundation

In 2003 when Leen and Ada Alberts and Henk and Marian Alberts were on a holiday in the Gambia. They experienced a lot of poverty in this country. Talking with the local people they discovered that there was a need for education of little children.

Back home the brothers and their wives thought about an opportunity to help this nice country. They grounded, in 2005, a foundation with the aim to help a school, they learned to know.  The family's Alberts learned from a hotelstaffmember that in his village there was no school and the children had to walk for 7 kilometers. (1,5 hours.) Here in the countryside of the Gambia, the foundation build a school.

Now this school has about 1400 pupils. The test results of the children are very promissing.

Also there are very positive contacts with the Ministry of education and with the school for pedagogical education.

It is possible to help us to help the Gambia by sponsoring one of the children.

This website is in Dutch but if you have a question do not hasitate to contact us.